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Haokang Assists in Upgrading Shuangyan Park in Leqing City, Zhejiang Province

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After years of upgrading and upgrading, Shuangyan Park has become a leisure tourism circle connected to the Central Park through hiking trails. The newly built children's activity area in the park is eye-catching, with cute and playful cartoon facilities filled with children's fun. Various amusement equipment such as slides, swings, seesaws, and rocking horses bring endless fun to children. The gentle spring breeze allows parents to accompany their children and enjoy a happy and warm parent-child moment together.

The combination climbing facilities achieve multiple use effects by combining different forms of equipment to meet the experiential needs of children of different ages. It can play a great role in exercising endurance, cultivating thinking ability, and teamwork. The specially laid anti fall and anti slip plastic floor effectively reduces sports injuries.