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Haokang Innovates to Build Yichang Ecological Sports Park, Officially Opening to the Outside World

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The project is mainly based on blue, decorated with imaginative children's fun colors such as bright yellow and purple, and integrated into a green environment. It provides suitable psychological and physiological activities for children of all ages, providing a playground for children to play wildly and a public space for neighborhood communication. It is an interactive, interesting, and exploratory children's playground.

Taking the iconic Three Gorges Dam in Yichang City as the design blueprint, we provide various experiences such as climbing, drilling, climbing, jumping, sliding, and running. Together, we travel and experience various facilities, bringing children different joys. Create an independent children's activity area using the overhead space at the bottom of the slide, equipped with interactive amusement facilities such as bridge swings and puzzle games, to create an ultimate children's experience space.